WOW! 15 Completely Honest Confessions Your Hairdresser Will Never Admit!
Gavin Martin
Jan 09, 2019
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15. Washing your hair isn't the highlight ofour day, it's actually quite nasty!


14. Your hair feels so good after a trip to the salon because of how we move our hands all over your head.


13. We don't get paid that much, considering how much time we put intomaking your hair look beautiful.


12. We love it when you tell usyou want something different, it's nice to be able to use our creative juices every now and then.

11. However, when people with long hair come in for a cut, we geta bit freaked out and anxious.

10. We all love a good conversation, but some clients seem to share a bit too much!


9. Then again, we find it odd when we get customers that barely say a word, it's like an awkward first date!

8. We almost never get to finish a hot cup of coffee.



7. We dread customers that want a perm, they take up to much time!

6. There's nothing worse than a customer that comes in with head lice!


5. We love our instruments, they're expensive, so don't touch!

4. We get tired of all of our friends wanting free haircuts outside of work.


3. It's really annoying when you try talking to us when the blow dryer is on.

2. We've forgotten at least once in our career's to wear gloves when dying hair.

  1. Despite all our little quirks, wereally do love our jobs!



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