Stirring Pictures That Made Even The Toughest Of Us Cry
Ian Marsh
Aug 08, 2018
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Our lives are full of moments, some joyful and simple and some sad and complicated. The following photo compilation includes moments of kindness and bravery, that are sure to make you move you!

This dog died after saving the family's 8-month old baby from their burning home.

This fighter made a young man's with Down Syndrome dream come true with a training session. A unique battle took place outside the Athletic Commission organized just for them.

A soldier came home to hug his girlfriend.

'Every night this coffee shop leaves the leftover burritos on their windowsill for the homeless.'

Chinese doctors bowed down to a boy who decided to become a donor before his death to save other people's lives.

During a protest in Brazil, an officer asked the participants to forgo any collisions on his birthday. In response, a group of protesters surprised him with this.

This teacher is hugging a kid after a tornado destroyed their school.

A father tied his disabled son to his torso so that he could play football with him.

A girl saving a puppy during a harsh storm.

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