Bizarre Things People Have Done While Sleepwalking
Alex Bourque
Jan 23, 2019
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Have you ever wondered what some people do while sleepwalking? Well, get ready for some creepy sleepwalking stories. Also called somnambulism, sleepwalking occurs when a person gets out of bed while they're still asleep. According to the Standford University School of Medicine, an estimated 8.4 million people are prone to sleepwalking. While most might get up, walk around, and go back to bed without knowing it, others have had even crazier sleepwalking stories. From eating to shopping to more extreme things like robbery and murder, you might have a hard time believing what some of these sleepwalkers have done! Here are 25 Bizarre Things People Have Done While Sleepwalking.

Super Strength

One Redditor claimed when they sleepwalk they usually make a sandwich, put it on the floor, and go back to bed. However, on one rare occasion, they ripped off the headboard firmly secured to their wall with their bare hands and severely injured their wrist.


While sleepwalking, a 44-year-old logged on to her computer and started e-mailing party invitations. Understandably, the e-mails were bizarre and had poor grammar and spelling. One read: "Come tomorrow and sort this hell hole out. Dinner and drinks, Bring wine and caviar only."

Sleep Eating

After her divorce, a 51-year-old woman named Mary would eat in her sleep five times a week for a decade. Every morning, she'd wake up to find wrappers, peach pits, and empty plastic containers. She once woke up to find she'd eaten an entire bottle of ketchup and would get in frequent trouble with her roommate because she'd steal her food at night.


One Redditor claimed that she rearranged, cleaned, and sorted her best friend's fridge all so that she could put a 25lb bag of dog food inside it.

Night Nurse

In 2003, a nurse in Denver took an Ambien and went to bed. While sleepwalking, she drove her car wearing only a thin nightshirt in 20-degree weather. Then, she got in a fender bender and urinated in the middle of the intersection. When police arrived on the scene, she grew increasingly violent with them. Afterward, she said she had no memory of the event, but pled guilty for careless driving.

Jumping Out of Windows

In Germany, a sleepwalking teenager jumped out of a four-story window, falling 32 feet (10 meters). When he landed, not only did henotdie, he just kept sleeping.


After a Muslim husband uttered the word "talaq" three times while in his sleep, he and his wife were forced to divorce or else face a social boycott by their community. They had been married for 11 years and didn't want to divorce, but once the Muslim leaders got wind of the incident, they ruled the "talaq" had to be implemented.

Conducting an Orchestra

A classical music fan,Harry F. Rosenthal has also been a sleepwalker since a young age. One day, his wife woke up to find him conducting an orchestra while sleepwalking. He was waving his hands about and even making the various instrument noises to go along with it.


Michael Lamalfa, a 28-year-old New York man, was found by police disoriented and unsteady on his feet. When asked, he claimed he was sleeping walking, having no idea how he had gotten in the neighborhood. Turns out, prior to discovering him, he had broken into several of the neighbors' vehicles and stolen items, like a laptop, golf clubs, and a golf bag.

Mother-in-Law Murder

23-year-old Kenneth Parks from Toronto was married and had an infant daughter in 1987. He was struggling with joblessness and gambling debts which only perpetuated his insomnia. One night, while sleepwalking, he drove 10 miles (23 km) to his in-laws' house, stabbed his mother-in-law to death and attacked his father-in-law, who survived. Afterward, he drove to the police station and said, "I think I have killed some peoplemy hands." He had severely cut his own hands.

Killing Wife

A man namedDean Sokell woke up to find himself beating his wife to death with a hammer. However, once he realized what he was doing, rather than stopping, he stabbed her to silence her screams.

Sleep with Strangers

In one case, a married Australian woman would sleepwalk and go have intercourse with absolute strangers. The behavior happened frequently for months, and she had no memory of it afterward. She was able to stop her nocturnal activities after psychiatric counseling.

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