5 Hunky Farmer Brothers Sing Hilarious "Friends In Low Places" Parody About Drought
Ian Marsh
Jul 03, 2018
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For these five brothers, growing up in the western Canadian province of Saskatchewan, meant winters were for hockey and summers were for farming.

But Luke, J.J., Ty, Brock, and Dusty Hunter also grew up in a musical family and after singing gospel music together for years, they decided to make it official by forming a band, the aptly named Hunter Brothers. They went from helping out on the family farm during the week to playing gigs on the weekends in western Canada and even the U.S.

"We would rehearse at home in mom and dad's basement when we could, farm during the week, and hit the road on the weekend, often travelling through the nights to get to concert locations," the youngest brother, Tyrecalled. "Those days were insanely busy, but worth every second."
Worth it not only for all the good memories, but also because it's helped launch them onto the billboard charts.

They released their debut album, "Getaway," last year, and, earlier this year, the video to their newest single, "Those Were The Nights." It's a nostalgic song whose lyrics speak to first love and friendships, the kind of song anybody "can kind of place themselves into and think back to their own experiences," Tysays.
We are quickly learning that the process of being a musician is much more about the journey than a destination. Goals are important, but enjoying the process is something we've talked about extensively as brothers.

They're letting their creative juices percolate for a while, with plans to write and record new music throughout the year.

But in the meantime, they just released a hilarious parody of Garth Brooks's mega-hit from 1990, "Friends in Low Places." Instead of singing about drowning their sorrows away in some dive bar, the Hunter Brothers take a humorous approach to the long-standing drought conditions in Saskatchewan.

"We are in the middle of spring season and we jumped off the sprayer, and it really has not rained here in forever," one brother says, while another illustrates the point by throwing up a handful of dust.

Between using pliers to pluck out a nose hair, and hilarious lyrics, this parody will have you chuckling along.

It'd be easy to write this off as a hokey video they threw together because they didn't have anything better to do, but that'd be a mistake. They're seriously, seriously good!

So without further ado, we bring you "I've Got No Grain In Dry Places," which some lucky fans were able to watch via livestream a couple weeks ago.

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