15 Life Hacks That Will Help Change Your Life!
Jonah Ryan
Jan 07, 2019
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1.Bag Clips

Simply break off the endsof planter hangers

2. Charging your phone

Putting your phone on airplane mode will charge it faster

3. Cleaning your blender

Adding water and soap and turning your blender on will instantly clean it within a minute.

4. Iced Coffee

Filling ice cube trays up with coffee rather than water, so you can avoid watered down coffee.

5. Freeze your herbs

Add olive oil to herbs and freeze them to cook them in dishes.

6. Microwave cleaning

By putting a bowl of vinegar in the microwave for three to four minutes you can loosen up all the dirt easily.

7. Unclogging drains

Pour vinegar and baking soda in a clogged drain to loosen up the drain instead of buying expensive chemicals.

8. Cut cake with dental floss

Using dental flosswill allow you to cut cakes in straight lines.

9. Smelly shoes

Put dry tea bags in your shoes when your not wearing them.

10. Easy pancakes

Fill an old ketchup bottle with pancake batter to avoid messy bowls

11. Peeling eggs

Add a teaspoon of baking soda to the water while boiling eggs, it makes them much easier to peel

12. Ironing the collar of a shirt

Use a hair straightener to get all the creases out of your collar.

13. Lighting candles

Light the end of an uncookedpiece of spaghetti to avoid burning yourself.

14. Keyboard cleaning

Runa sticky note through the keys of the keyboard to clean hard to reach dust and crumbs.

15. Mosquito bite remedy

Putting a warm spoon on a mosquito bite will help stop that annoying itching sensation.

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