10 Examples Of Wholesome Vandalism That Will Put A Smile On Your Face
Jonah Ryan
Dec 05, 2018
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Vandalizing public or private property is bad but a casecouldbe made that in these specific cases, it's actually good.

Recently, we stumbled across a pretty great sub-Reddit called WholesomeVandalism. You're not alone if you think all vandalism is bad, but one glance at these heartwarming, funny, or just sweet pieces of graffiti and you might just change your mind!

1. "Me eat cookie!"

2. Sometimes, you just need a friend to cuddle with

3. This graffiti only shows up when the sidewalk is wet magical!

4. Go ahead, give her a ring!

5. She must be so proud.

6. We could all stand to be reminded now and then.

7. Can't argue with that

8. A round of applause, everyone. You can dry your hands later.

9. I really want to do this now

10. This Calvin and Hobbs street art also onlyappears with water

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