US ambassador to UN says Iran accord's future is in Congress's hands

Those other nations—which include the United Kingdom, France, and Germany—have all said that they support the deal and want it to remain in force.
By Kyle Bates | Sep 08, 2017
President Trump might scrap the Iran-U.S. nuclear deal even if Iran holds up its end of the bargain, warned Nikki Haley, U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, in a September 5 speech at the American Enterprise Institute in Washington, DC. Haley said that her boss would be within his rights to decide against the deal and to let Congress revive the pre-accord U.S. sanctions on Iran.
Trump has until October 15 to "certify" the deal, which then-President Obama signed with Iran in 2015 to drop U.S. sanctions in exchange for Iran proving that it is not pursuing a nuclear-weapons program. Haley told her audience that as president, Trump must not only determine if Iran is adhering to the terms of the deal; he must also judge whether the lifting of sanctions is "appropriate and proportionate."
Haley said that Trump deciding not to certify would give Congress the prerogative to impose sanctions on Iran again if it votes to do so, she explained. And Trump could decide that sanctions, not the accord, would be the better course of action.
"I'm not making the case of decertify," she said. "I'm saying should the president decide to decertify, he has grounds to stand on."
The International Atomic Energy Agency stated in a report last week that Iran is abiding by the agreement. Iran has said that it will stick to the agreement as long as the United States and the other signing nations remain committed to it.
Those other nationswhich include the United Kingdom, France, and Germanyhave all said that they support the deal and want it to remain in force.


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